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Grow Your Team with Intention

Online Business Manager for Soulful Entrepreneurs

It’s time to grow, you can feel it in your bones.

This pull to expand your reach + shine with your business is getting stronger every day.
The signs are unmistakable: your business is growing in leaps & bounds, you feel inspired + creative, & your audience love what you’re doing.
Demand is pouring in fast... but the work is becoming too much to handle all by yourself. You’re reaching your limit & you need to find a more sustainable pace – one where you can enjoy your success & your life!

It’s becoming clear that you need to delegate some parts of your day-to-day.

You want to make your highest contribution, commit to the meaningful excitement of doing what you love, while keeping a lifestyle that nourishes your self, your creativity, your relationships & everything else that makes your life so rich & exquisite.

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My Zone of Genius

Growing a business takes a team of complementary talents & personalities. I’m here to contribute my strengths + joy to heart-centered women that strive to design an abundant + lush life. I feel most purposeful when working with light workers: healers, coaches, spiritual leaders, writers, women empowered in their feminine leadership roles. Entrepreneurs with vision & big goals. Creatives & change-makers. They operate in the paradigms of growth-mindset, abundant Universe & Love. They listen & are compassionate. They’re ambitious & mission-driven.

I'm their right-hand, their team. I find purpose & deep fulfillment working on systems behind-the-scenes. I’m tech-savvy, intelligent, warm & dedicated to self-growth.

Marie-Eve Talbot - Delighted Spirit

This is a time for generosity, collaboration & innovation.


I help with the online aspect of your business, optimizing your systems + service quality, saving you time + energy, gaining insight into your data.

I take on fewer clients but offer them a very personalized experience. I work on an ongoing basis or project-based & I can take on various tasks & responsibilities. I’m a skilled project leader & I give sound strategic advice, grounded in modern marketing + generosity.

Your business will have the capacity to grow + serve more women, expanding your reach + impact. You’ll open up to more creativity & ambition too.

With Marie’s help, my business has undergone a seismic shift. Not only does Marie love to take on the tasks and to-dos that previously kept me from my zone of genius, but she has also enthusiastically provided the insight and tools that have taken us to an entirely new level of organization, productivity, marketing precision, and the power to impact the lives of my ideal clients. Working with Marie is a true Joy, and the energy she brings to my team, to my life, and to the work she does, liberates me to do the big scary things I know I need to focus on. She truly is a delighted Spirit and I can’t recommend her enough.
— Jillian Anderson, Healer, Business Coach & Writer

Business Support

I draw my experience from my personal projects & through client work. I’m a long-time student of B-School & I refer back to the teachings of Marie Forleo constantly – she’s my mentor & an inspiration for a thriving, conscious business & lifestyle.

I support my clients in a variety of ways in their day-to-day tasks & projects. I really treat their business like my own & I deeply value having clear + open communications between us. My favorite tools for project management are Asana, Google Drive + LastPass. With them, collaborating is much more fun, easy & efficient!

I can make more money in my business because Marie makes sure the holes are all filled in quickly when we see one! This could be an opt-in misfiring, customers that need an immediate response, community support, an email, a lead page created. So many things!

I feel like a hundred pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that Marie is on my team. Actually she IS my team! That’s how powerful working with her is. Anything my business needs to grow she can provide. She is the most competent, efficient and trustworthy person I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my business. Her services are a GIFT to us! If she’s available, don’t think twice! Hire her now! You’ll see an immediate leap forward in your business.
— Jenny B Taylor, Brand Video Director

Website Development

I adore working with Squarespace for websites! I’m actually a Squarespace Circle Member which gives me additional perks + benefits for you. Their design + ease of use fire up my creativity + inspiration to build the systems your business needs. Whether you need someone to update your content, design a new page layout, or link your shop to a dedicated segment of your list, I’m excited to create it for you!

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My old website didn’t reflect what I wanted to do in the short term & even less for the mid to long term. I needed to implement a marketing strategy, especially with my email automation. I was stressed & intimidated by the size of the task ahead of me. We took my website, thus my brand, to something more actual, that reflects better my personality. Marie is professional, available, committed & proactive. From our first meeting, I felt reassured & motivated. I couldn’t have launched this quickly & with this brand image without her help.
— Julien Remo, Public Speaker & Life Coach

Strategy / Training

Together, we can optimize your processes & your marketing strategies. We can discuss your lifestyle design & goals too. When it’s time to implement a new idea, I’ll be curious to know how it fits in your big picture.

It’s also always my pleasure to show you how to do things yourself, I'm generous with my knowledge + experience. I’ll point out the key elements to consider, often supplemented with annotated screenshots, & I’ll answer all the questions you might have.

Marie-Eve is wonderful! She helps me stay organized in managing large projects and keeps my social media posts scheduled and consistent. It feels so good to have another pair of eyes on my business and someone to bounce ideas off of. I also love that Marie’s energy fits right in with my heart-centered wellness business. If you are looking for solid + soulful support in your business, Marie is the answer to your prayers.
— Kate Potvin, Yoga Teacher & Fertility Coach

Program Launch

Launching is such a high-energy, focused + intense period. It’s a rush that always makes me proud of the quality of services I provide, whether it be strategy, systems + integration, or all those last minute upgrades to implement. It’s one of my favorite ways of challenging myself & delivering outstanding results for my clients!

Marie is an absolute joy to work with. With that said, the things that were important to me in finding the right fit were her attention to details, can be counted on and taking my content and keep my own voice to it but making it flow better.

I love that when I email her she gets back to me either right away during the day and even sometimes at night but for sure by the next mid-morning. Of course, I don’t expect her to work weekends but if it is important as a launch and she knows ahead of time, she will be available. Brainstorming with her is so much fun and she is full of very clever ideas.

Lastly, she has helped me to see my value and expanding my business, upping my fees and feel really good about it. She takes the fear of expansion out of your nervous system and certainly has a calming/soothing effect. I plan to have a long successful and prosperous relationship with her. Thank you, Marie, you came along at just the right time.
— Lauren Johnston, Intuitive life coach and consultant


Words flow very easily to me. My mind is clear & it translates into vibrant copy. I use my copywriting gifts as a shadow writer on social media, for compassionate customer support & to review your copy to empower your marketing message. Working with highly matched clients is essential as I need to believe in what they do in order for me to amplify their intention + vibe.

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I love working with Marie! She has a soft gentle energy and is super professional when it comes to her work. All of the copy she has written and edited for me has been so beautifully written and naturally aligned with my work which as a result has increased my conversation rates significantly within the first few weeks. I would highly recommend her!!
— Melany Oliver, Spiritual Guide & Intuitive Healer


What’s the difference between a VA & an OBM?

A virtual assistant (VA) follows instructions & gets to be creative within the project outline. She’s often specialized in a niche (copywriting, Facebook ads, graphic design, etc.).

An online business manager (OBM) takes responsibility for the success of the project. She sees the big picture, understands how all the moving parts work together & gives her input at the strategic level of your business. She takes the initiative & is proactive at solving problems. She’s resourceful + owns her expertise. She nurtures the relationship with you + your audience as much as she has at heart delivering outstanding results consistently.

What are your rates?

My rates start at $36/h USD & they vary according to the complexity of the tasks. I work both hourly & from packages. No two businesses are alike so get in touch with me to receive more information + a custom quote.

Who do you work best with?

I’m at the top of my skills & I have the most fun with clients who: have clear priorities, are ready to grow + expand their business, nurture a growth + abundance mindset, have projects that will take me to my creative / strategic edge, pay their invoices quickly, value quality work, have strong boundaries, are tuned into their intuition, give clear directions.

We’re NOT a match if you: lack respect for my skills & contribution, are uncomfortable communicating what you appreciate & what needs to be done differently, or don’t practice self-care.

How can I prepare to work together?

Download my free project planning worksheet + checklist. You’ll be added to my newsletter where you’ll receive updates on my availability + new projects about once a month.

Then, make a list of the tasks that don’t make you feel alive / in your genius zone. Get yourself organized with folders & keep your business + personal emails separate. Even if I never need to use them, you’ll easily find my emails for updates or questions on your projects as we collaborate together :)

Finally, contact me. You’ll learn so much more by reaching out & taking the next step. I'd be delighted to start a conversation around your needs + vision!

Marie-Eve Talbot - Delighted Spirit


My name is Marie-Eve Talbot & my life is a mosaic of yoga, green architecture, gatherings, travels and love.


In my early 20's, I lived in Australia for a year & experienced awakening for a brief period. Later on, I worked as an ecologist & once I left my day job, I thought I'd become an author. But I soon realized that my talents lay in structuring & managing systems. You hold the vision & I make it happen :)

  • I love learning & I'm an avid reader (I just finished The Latte Factor and I'm now starting on Everything is Figureoutable)

  • I'm a true Virgo: I'm detail-oriented, I keep priorities straight and I follow through

  • I've been exploring my own leading edge in yoga for the last 20 years. Also, as a certified hatha & vinyasa yoga teacher, I'm constantly seeking to find the best alignment on & off the mat

  • My Core Desired Feelings are: sunshine, flow, sanctuary, goddess & adventure

  • My top 5 strengths (according to the Gallup CliftonStrengths report) are: Maximizer, Intellection, Positivity, Strategic & Futuristic

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What's Next?

Reach out & tell me about your big goals!

Let's find out together if I would be a good fit for your business.

If you're a change-maker & you value teamwork, I would be delighted to chat with you! I take on clients for one-time projects and for longer-term collaborations. If you're not sure of how it could work & it's your first time hiring help, no problem! I'll make it super easy for you to delegate gradually as I discover your business + your needs and as you get to know & trust me.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Marie xo