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Hi, I'm Marie

Soulful online business manager based in Montréal, Canada.

I love vinyasa yoga, travels, gatherings & nature.

My Story

In my early 20's, I traveled to Australia for a year of study abroad. Mid-way through the year, I caught a virus &, being so far from home & my family, I had the profound realization that each of my choices create my reality. I then began the deliberate & conscious design of my life around what I loved & how I felt best. I chose with intention my relationships & a healthy lifestyle, I read on mind-body healing & spiritual texts. I sweat daily & began meditating. I reclaimed my health + happiness. So much so that I started experiencing moments of awakening.

When I came back home, I suffered from severe reverse homesickness. I'd lost my ideal lifestyle & had grown out of my old ways. So I worked on re-creating it again. Having experienced bliss for a few weeks & months, I wanted this state to return to my life.

Marie-Eve Talbot - Delighted Spirit

I met my life partner shortly thereafter. I worked as a conservation biologist for organizations like The Nature Conservancy and Ducks Unlimited. I became a stay-at-home mom for the time of my pregnancy and the early childhood of my daughter. I immersed myself in yoga. I worked as a biologist for a professional firm & supported my family while my partner returned to school to become a naturopathic doctor. I signed up for B-School & I left my position after a couple of years to start this business.


Now, my days are a mix of yoga, parenting, & helping other trail-blazers, light workers & change-makers to establish their online presence. You can meet some of them here :) My journey has taught me about yoga, holistic health, creativity, gratitude & being present. I'm the designer of a life filled with magic + delight!

Expand + shine,

Marie xo

My Values

Marie-Eve Talbot - Delighted Spirit

I live my life & share my gifts according to 3 core values



Yoga is my way of connecting with my spark of divinity. It’s a constant practice to notice, to seek, Love in my life. I completed 500h of yoga teacher training in hatha + vinyasa yoga for my own curiosity + passion. I’m on a path of self-realization & I want to offer my time + talents to those who also contribute to a more enlightened world.


I became an entrepreneur so that I could take care of my health & my relationships, & to have full control over my income. Also, I vote with my dollars every time I purchase or invest in something. Therefore, I try to make the best decisions for the people, the environment & our economy. Whenever possible, I choose fair-trade, organic &/or local products & services as much as possible. And because a vibrant business & life thrives in a healthy society & world, I give back a portion of my profits to the protection & conservation of the environment. 


Beautiful design makes me feel in awe at the magnificence & gracefulness of Life. Whether I’m reading prose or witnessing the immensity + perfection of Nature, beauty brings me to my knees. To me, creating beauty is an expression of Love & is the result of a pure intention. If you create beautiful things, thank you for infusing this extraordinary quality into the world!

The Manifesto