Online Business Manager

For small online business owners & entrepreneurs


Imagine it's your birthday
& you make a wish


You close your eyes & ask the Universe to put the right team member on your path. One that will be committed to creating positive change in the world as part of your small, but quickly growing, online business. She'll manage operations, take care of basic tech support, contribute her creativity + strategic experience
& be your right hand to expand + shine.

With her by your side, you see yourself stepping up as a leader, you're more joyful & have more energy to take your business forward. And you're finally delegating those smaller projects to someone who's very excited to take them on for you!

You take a deep breath & blow all your candles


This is where I come in. My name is Marie and I'm a virtual assistant & online business manager. Basically, I'm the left brain of your right brain, the Executive to the Creative, the Angie Wheeler of your Danielle LaPorte.

I went through B-School & The Copy Cure and a handful of other online programs. I'm autodidact & get the big picture very easily. I'm in my genius zone when I support artists, spiritual leaders, holistic healers, coaches & change-makers with my management know-how so that they can be free to grow their business, express their creativity and touch thousands of lives.



Here's my gift to you


I'll help you:

Feel excited & energized because you're now focusing on your genius zone (& delegating the rest!)

Create genuine connections with your audience through authentic copywriting + social media presence

Increase your visibility & the quality of your services with an enticing sales funnel strategy

Free up your time to replenish your creativity + energy by automating / taking on responsibilities for you


Here's what I could take off your plate
(you keep the cake ;)




Client experience
- manage appointments
- customer support via emails
- design testimonials & survey / feedback forms

Team management
- interview, hire & lead professionals
- manage projects

Event organization
- design & organize events with activities + guest speakers

- manage various accounts (Teachable, etc.)
- write & update a procedures document
- protect documents & send for signatures

- select a responsibility insurance
- write simple contracts and terms & conditions documents
- determine a sign up procedure & refund policy

- simple bookkeeping & budgeting
- issue refunds


Content strategy
- create an editorial calendar
- analyze traffic flow & content popularity
- report on metrics & analytics

Social media
- share & promote content on social media
- community management in groups

Sales funnel
- work with Leadpages

Affiliate marketing
- set up & manage Amazon Associates store

Website : Squarespace
- implement design, create new pages, update & post blog
- code simple CSS & HTML customizations
- integrate 3rd party services


Online marketing strategy
- design & set up opt-in, email nurture sequence, blog & appointments
- send newsletters (Mailchimp, Active Campaign, etc.)

- comprehensive analysis & strategy implementation
- set up Google & Bing Consoles


Graphic design
- edit + use templates in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
- create graphics with Canva
- design layouts (documents or websites)

- write homepage, biography, blog, video scripts, newsletters & sales pages
- review copy for optimal engagement
- correct & translate content (English/French)

Video production
- edit video in Adobe Premiere with transitions, graphics, music & bumper clips

I don't do...

- create logo, brand board, icons, etc.

- Update / maintain website


How would you feel?!


My story


My name is Marie-Eve Talbot & my life is a mosaic of yoga, green architecture, gatherings, travels and love. In my early 20's, I lived in Australia for a year & experienced awakening for a brief period. Later on, I've worked as an ecologist & once I left my day job, I thought I'd become an author. But I soon realized that my talents lay in structuring & managing systems. You hold the vision and I make it happen :)



I love learning & I'm an avid reader (I just finished Tribes
and am now starting on Blue Ocean Shift)

I'm a true Virgo: I'm detail-oriented, I keep priorities straight and I follow through

I've been exploring my own leading edge in yoga for the last 15 years. Also, as a certified hatha & vinyasa yoga teacher, I'm constantly seeking to find the best alignment on & off the mat

My Core Desired Feelings are: abundance, radiant, delight, authenticity & connection

My top 5 strengths (according to the Gallup CliftonStrengths report) are:
Maximizer, Intellection, Positivity, Strategic & Futuristic



Now What?

Reach out & tell me about your big goals!


Let's find out together if I would be a good fit for your business.

If you're a modern entrepreneur here to change the world for the better and you value teamwork, I would be delighted to chat with you! I take on clients for one-time projects and for longer-term collaborations. If you're not sure of how it could work & it's your first time hiring help, that's no problem! I'll make it super easy for you to delegate gradually as I discover your business + your needs & as you get to know + trust me.



This is NOT a work session. Rather, this is more of a mutual interview type of discussion.
I can't wait to meet you! :D

Marie xo