Being conscious means choosing with intention, giving meaning to my choices + actions, diffusing love everyday. It pulses, as with every universal movement, & I nurture it so that ultimately it grows. All One.


I vote with my dollars every time I purchase or invest in something. Therefore, I try to make the best decisions for the people, the environment & our economy. Whenever I source a product or service, I choose fair-trade, organic &/or local as much as possible. Because a vibrant business & life thrive in a healthy society & world, I give back a portion of my profits to the protection & conservation of the environment. My favorite organizations are Conservation International so that they can protect the most fundamental things that nature provides to all of us: our food, our fresh water, our livelihoods and a stable climate, & The Nature Conservancy, which is protecting nature, for people today and future generations.


My way to show my love is through gorgeous design – on my website & in my services. I find God in the details, so I pay close attention – to the intentions, to the people (we're all human), to the Universe. I look for the alignment, the coherence, in everything I do.