You Know

When it's bright & sunny, you know you are a divine spark of eternity.

When it's dark & gloomy, deep down you know too, although it's scary to hold the torch of hope high above your head.


Our heart always knows our connection to the Source, to our Self. You do not have to search very far. In fact, the quieter you are, and the more still you stay inside, the faster peace + joy will flood in. Each & every one of your cells will illuminate, your spirit will soar & your feeling will confirm what you've always known: you are home.

You are exactly where you belong. Your life is unfolding perfectly. You are complete & you are made of love.

You always know this and this certainty can never leave you.

Trust + breathe,
Marie-Eve xo

Marie-Eve Talbot

I love storytelling, cooking for friends, being in yoga, & traveling. I'm a spiritual gal on an earthly journey. I'm here to inspire you to expand + shine xo


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