Wanna Be Successful?

If you want to be wildly successful, what you need to do is this: stop believing you can't. Stop playing small or finding excuses for not going forward with your dream.

You need to start believing that you can invest in a coach, pay for graphics, seek IT help, hire an assistant. You've got to start living it! You've got to get the ball rolling & build some momentum!

You won't do that mindlessly (gotcha! stop doubting yourself), no. You know what's a good expense. Go pro, find help. You won't regret it & it'll prompt you to find solutions + to think outside the box. You'll believe in your capacity and you won't have to do it over again later. Don't settle for mediocrity, it's not a good habit.

Make a plan & go for it! Risk a little bit more – that's exciting!

It's time to break out of your shell & be part of another reality  one where you believe it's possible to make it happen.

Keep me posted on what you do next,

Marie-Eve xo

Marie-Eve Talbot

Marie is an online business manager for coaches, healers & light workers. Her talents lay in managing systems + operations, nurturing your community, & making sure that your next launch’s strategy is aligned with your values + intentions. You hold the vision and she makes it happen 💖

Her life is a mosaic of soulful collaborations, yoga, green architecture, gatherings, travel and love. She lives in Montréal, Canada with her husband & their daughter.