The Creative Act

In my experience, being creative happens to me almost by accident, by chance. I am driven by my passion, yet what I create often bewilders me. It is much bigger than me, my sole capacity probably did not bring this forth.

What has, then? I believe in a co-creative Universe. By making the necessary preparations, one open themselves up to receiving a response – an inspiration. Your whole self needs to be ready: your body, your mind, your emotions, your intellect, etc. You don't need to be in top condition at the time of creating, but you need to be fit nonetheless.

Julia Cameron & Elizabeth Gilbert make this preparation & the act of creating itself their spiritual practice. However you approach it, it becomes a commitment & your dedication to playing with pure creativity.

My preparation & self-care involve yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, eating healthy vegetarian food, & sleeping enough. I also make sure to be grateful for what I have & to keep an attitude of service as much as possible.

What is your take on creativity + inspiration?

Marie-Eve xo

Marie-Eve Talbot

I love storytelling, cooking for friends, being in yoga, & traveling. I'm a spiritual gal on an earthly journey. I'm here to inspire you to expand + shine.


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