What is your inspiration for creating your best life & your legacy?


Maybe you have rituals that invite the muse, the divine guidance. Maybe you cultivate wonder & see God in everyday's details. Maybe you meditate + breathe to quiet the chatter in your mind & listen to your intuition.

Do you know when to let go of these external tools? Do you know when to stop reaching & start to live carefree, to play?

'Cause here's the tricky part: your inspiration does not come from what you do but who you are. And sometimes, your ritual actually puts you in a rut if you loose the magic from it.

Change your state of being – your physicality, your mindset, your emotions. Don't be afraid to change your scenery, to go beyond your comfort zone in your private life. Explore opposites – be frivolous or extremely generous – if that's foreign to you & actually seems unthinkable. I dare you! Go for a run, break a sweat, nap in your hammock, visit a new neighborhood. Let your feet guide you without judging. Anyway, you're looking for inspiration ;)

How did you find inspiration lately?

Marie-Eve xo

Marie-Eve Talbot

I love storytelling, cooking for friends, being in yoga, & traveling. I'm a spiritual gal on an earthly journey. I'm here to inspire you to expand + shine.


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