I'm Not A Writer

For some reason, I thought I was a writer.

I write every day, & I like reading what I wrote (I think it's good).

Yet, I'm not a writer: I'm not disciplined. I never gave that a chance either.

I'm Not A Writer

But sometimes, I feel an urgency to write. Maybe that's where the confusion came from. I have ideas that rush to the page, so to speak. An energy, a quickening, that wants to become manifest.

But I, I don't have much to say really. Not a story in me. I had one & neglected it.

Tonight's different. It's not mine, I'm just a channel for an idea. It could be a coincidence, except I like it when it happens.

So I'm not a writer. This website isn't one of a writer either.

I realized that what I'm actively seeking is doing projects. My eyes light up when I need to decide on a plan of action & implement it. I almost become obsessed with it, sometimes skip meals, I long to see it completed. That's when I forget everything else.

But not with writing. Writing is more a fun thing to do when I get an idea, when an impulse rises.

So I'm changing direction to better reflect my purpose.

Thanks for reading, I hope you'll enjoy my future material!
Marie-Eve xo

Marie-Eve Talbot

Marie is an online business manager for coaches, healers & light workers. Her talents lay in managing systems + operations, nurturing your community, & making sure that your next launch’s strategy is aligned with your values + intentions. You hold the vision and she makes it happen 💖

Her life is a mosaic of soulful collaborations, yoga, green architecture, gatherings, travel and love. She lives in Montréal, Canada with her husband & their daughter.