Grace & Synchronicity

When I quit my job last July, I had this story that I wanted to tell & I thought that I would become a writer. Then practicality caught up on me & I felt I needed to follow a more predictable business plan. (Now in retrospect, I don't think I've chosen much different – entrepreneurship is in initiation in itself.) I revived a long-lasting project of mine to create & lead retreats.

I wanted to break the isolation that many entrepreneurs feel & inspire them by taking them to an exotic + exciting destination.

Being one who appreciates quality & originality, I planned a high-end retreat & took great care to the details, the flow of the week, & the collaborative concept that I found gave it an extra oomph. Even though I had a very good idea of how to put all the pieces together, I hired a business coach & I signed up to a workshop on retreat leadership.

Putting the retreat together took one or two weeks as I had such a clear picture of the overall experience I wanted my guests to have. I designed the sales page within two days. I found gems of partners in Jamaica (where my retreat is held). My yoga teacher training from a few years back helped me balance the whole week with a good mix of activities, workshops & free time. I did this with such confidence + ease, I felt empowered to be playing my strengths in such a purposeful way!

I withdrew my retirement savings & went on to rent the private villa & hire all the services I needed to create the retreat against all practical advice I had received. I had such a burning desire to make this retreat unforgettable that I was willing to take the risk. It seemed like the only thing to do in order to stay true to my vision.

The hitch was this: I had about three months to implement a marketing plan to book my event at a premium price. With no email list and no connections, this was a monumental task to me. I flaked out for about a month, despite my coach's best attempts to shake me out of my inertia. I could have given up so many times! But I was doggedly determined to make this work. Feeling squeezed for time & money, I nonetheless did an energy work session with an intuitive. This was a total miracle! It changed my perspective completely & I believed again in my idea. So much so that I found again my faith that I would succeed & be paid for my hard + dedicated work.

I began filming Behind the Scenes interviews with my partners & shared them to the best of my abilities. I participated more in social media & thoroughly enjoyed the connections I was making. I contacted directly those I believe would be interested in this kind of event. I booked my plane ticket & read avidly on the Law of Attraction. I was growing & expanding continuously & I saw my character gain in confidence & experience...

This is where the story ends – for now.

The retreat is in a little more than three weeks & I know this is meant to be. To honor the vision I had about the retreat & my commitment to realizing it, I wish to invite you personally to the retreat. I've revised my price & I sincerely hope to see YOU there (truly) <3

I am going no matter what, but I would love to fill this villa with like-minded entrepreneurs & share a week of adventure, inspiration + relaxation if you also need to disconnect for a little while in a beautiful location!

Even if this isn't for you now, please leave me a comment, any encouragements or tips will be deeply appreciated!

Love you all, xoxo

Marie-Eve Talbot

Marie is an online business manager for coaches, healers & light workers. Her talents lay in managing systems + operations, nurturing your community, & making sure that your next launch’s strategy is aligned with your values + intentions. You hold the vision and she makes it happen 💖

Her life is a mosaic of soulful collaborations, yoga, green architecture, gatherings, travel and love. She lives in Montréal, Canada with her husband & their daughter.