We've all been hurt, wronged or humiliated in our lives. The question I'm interested in is: how do you let go? How do you release your victim mentality & move on? How do you forgive?

I used to hang on to the anger. I would say nothing to the person or lash out in full fury. I started noticing my own limiting beliefs & forgiving myself. I recognized that their words would be a reflection of my own thoughts, so I decided to love myself first. Then, I prayed for help to forgive genuinely. It helped extinguish the fire that was in me. Finally, I've learned to do the mental shift myself. My intention makes it real + permanent.

Forgiveness — Delighted Spirit

Every time I forgive, a peace & a joy come over me – & I welcome it. I choose abundance + pleasure over pain + resentment. And just like that, I embrace the miraculous shift in perception. Thank you, I whisper. This feeling is so much better!

Because the truth is, so many things matter a lot less than we tend to think & credit them for. Drama is addictive & is the opposite of contentment. If someone seems out of their mind, chances are that they are! Nothing can fix this superficially. What they need most is love + forgiveness. Let us be their example, let's show them what it feels like. They need to learn a new behavior & the best way to teach it, in my experience, is through example. Living it. Forgiveness is sometimes followed by redemption or by stricter boundaries. It's all love.

So I invite you to consciously alter your mind. Be brave, the rewards are beyond what you can imagine!

Expand + shine,
Marie-Eve xo

Marie-Eve Talbot

Marie is an online business manager for coaches, healers & light workers. Her talents lay in managing systems + operations, nurturing your community, & making sure that your next launch’s strategy is aligned with your values + intentions. You hold the vision and she makes it happen 💖

Her life is a mosaic of soulful collaborations, yoga, green architecture, gatherings, travel and love. She lives in Montréal, Canada with her husband & their daughter.