Don't Hold Back

I've started writing my musings here because I hoped it would inspire some of you. That I could share my reflections & somehow take you with me into my bliss, into my peacefulness. That I could share some of the energy that makes me expand.

Sometimes, I wonder if that makes a difference at all. It often feels lonely & I start to believe it's not that important. But then I remember the stronger pull, the deeper reason behind my writing: I do it because I love it. It makes me feel alive + vibrant. I experience grace when I start typing. Often, I read back my words & I am in awe at what poured out.

So, I guess I'm committing again to show up & share with you my thoughts. I've got no idea how or when it'll be an inspiration to one of you, but I'll keep writing anyway – 'cause it's not all my work after all, it's my interpretation of something I am open to feeling & receiving.

I also want to create content that will be more practical & applicable to you. Though I'm more of a listener than a talker. So maybe if you ask me your questions, I can give you my perspective on it, with a spiritual twist. And I'll keep sharing about my passions & what lights me up :)

Marie-Eve xo

Marie-Eve Talbot

Marie is an online business manager for coaches, healers & light workers. Her talents lay in managing systems + operations, nurturing your community, & making sure that your next launch’s strategy is aligned with your values + intentions. You hold the vision and she makes it happen 💖

Her life is a mosaic of soulful collaborations, yoga, green architecture, gatherings, travel and love. She lives in Montréal, Canada with her husband & their daughter.